Saturday, July 7, 2012


Why I do what I do:

What a joy I receive when I can offer hope and help to people in their financial need through Primerica.

I have over thirty years experience in banking, over twenty years in tax preparation, and ten years with Primerica.

With my financial experience in banking, tax preparation, and the Primerica business opportunity, I am able to understand my clients' issues and I am able to find and offer them the best solutions for their needs.

Through Primerica, I am able to show clients how they can become debt free, financially independent, protect their family against unforeseen circumstances, and show them how they can earn extra income through the Primerica business opportunity. This opportunity is presented every Tuesday at 7pm at 715 - 24th Street, Suite R, in Paso Robles, California.

I love helping people find a solution to issues in their lives that make them and their families uncomfortable.

Families today need freedom from worry, depression, and fear concerning their present and future lives.

I believe this is my God-given purpose in life and what a joy I feel when I can help a family be filled with love, joy, and peace because they are worry-free!

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