"Praise God! I take this chance to thank God for Bishop Gabe for stating this community, already God is moving! People have started writing to us, and as am writing this we have received a donation from the person whom we have not met! God is great...God is moving!"

From Aaron Schwartzbart of MOTORGOSPEL:

"The Lord has moved in amazing ways in the day job this past week specifically in the area of financial provision. Can I say for sure that it had something to do with Gabe and friends praying for me? Not for certain but it seems like more than coincidence and God gets the glory one way or the other.  Coincidence?  I think not."

Aaron also wrote: "...and by the way, I have been too busy to tell you everything that has happened since your blog came out but I want you to know that our volunteer base went from 3 people to 11 people shortly after your blog. In God's economy it's not about a numbers game but it sure does help having more volunteers. Thank you for praying for us."

From Sheila Haynes:

"I am a satisfied participant with both The Revival Center Prayer Tent and also prosperousandsuccessful.blogspot.com. Both of these ministries have helped me tremendously. Because of The Prayer Tent and the P&S blog, I have picked up three new families. I was able to assist Cappy School and provided help for fifteen teachers. I have created a healthy connection with these people as clients. I love and appreciate The Revival Center Prayer Tent and the work Prosperous and Successful has done for my business."
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