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Dot started her My2GEMS site in 2008.  Always having a love of handmade items, she saw the hair accessories market growing on the Internet and decided to give them a try.  Right away, she knew she had found something she loved doing.

At the time she had two beautiful granddaughters, Riley Marie and Shelby Marie.  And that is where MY2Gems originated.  Now with the addition of two more granddaughters, Quinlan Marie (their namesake) and baby Charley Marie, she has no shortage in models.

Recently with Riley showing great interest in American Girl Dolls, Dot has started a line in her shop of "My Doll and Me."  Dot makes matching headbands and clips for girls and 18" dolls.

Baby hair accessories are great for baby shower, birthday, and welcome home gifts. She also receives many orders for baptisms, christenings, and weddings.  Baby headbands are made with soft stretchy elastic, which is comfortable for even newborn little heads.  Embellishments are lined with felt for added comfort.  All hair clips come with the option of a no-slip grip for fine and hard to hold hair.
Dot keeps all her prices affordable and ships very quickly.  (She will also ship internationally.)  Many hair accessories can be made to order and Dot loves a challenge!

New hair creations are ongoing and added weekly . All accessories are made in her smoke-free studio.  Please stop by to browse and be delighted in the many beautiful items she has to offer.

Dot also has another site, Supplies For You, with a little bit of everything in craft supplies.

Dot would also like for us to mention that everything she makes is made with loving care, but it is handmade and sometimes made with small embellishments, so please never leave small children and babies wearing accessories unattended. 

America entrepeneurship is
the of earmark of U.S. success.
Please pray for Dot Quinlan and her family
for their prosperity and success.

Monday, February 14, 2011


715 - 24th Street, Suite S
(805) 238-5017

Owners: Rick, Dottie, and Kevin Gracie

The Gracies are motivated and driven with the idea of debt-free living. Their mission in life is to see people get out of the bondage of debt.  Here is their story as told by Dottie:


In 1989, I believe God spoke to me in my spirit and led me to begin preparation to become a Certified Tax Preparer.  I really did not know the extent that I would use this direction, but I clearly heard,“DOTTIE, I WANT YOU TO BECOME A TAX PREPARER.”

My reply was, "Okay, God, I can do this."  I thought tax preparation was a good idea. I figured that if I learned to prepare taxes, my family and I would not have to depend on other people to do ours. As I studied and saw the need, I felt I was being directed to help other people. So in 1989, I started my business out of my home.

Business started to boom.  One day I found all these people in my home and on my porch crying for help. It was then that I realized I needed an office.  I saw so many people in deep, deep financial trouble.  They had gotten themselves in so many IRS messes and were in desperation and horrible financial straits.  In 1999, my son, Kevin said, "Mom, you need help!"  So, he took the tax preparation class and became a licensed preparer. 

This was the beginning of our family business and we opened up our current office in 2000.  In 2005, my husband, Rick, retired from the aerospace industry , became a tax preparer, and joined us!  I had never thought that we would be a family-run business, but God had a plan for us.  He has said, "Dottie, I am not done for there is more to come!"  We can definitely see that more is coming and that there is so much more to do!

We believe that God is actually owner and manager of the business, not us.  We just work under His direction.  We follow God's instructions and we run His business based on His principles of honesty and obedience to the laws.  We service our customers with care, fairness, and patience.  We are teaching our customers the laws of God regarding truthfulness.

God's business is about helping people in need.  Matthew 25:40 says, "When you did it to these my brothers, you were doing it to me!" 

If you, your family, or friends are in need of assistance with tax preparation or are having tax issues with either the IRS or the state, please contact us.  We will prepare your current taxes and we will look at your past issues.  With honesty and wisdom from God, we will try to resolve your issues.  Come see us.

"God wants to do great things in you and through you.  But you won't experience this without the willingness to take a few risks along the way.  It's time to take action and make your life count.  Are you ready to take the first step?"  ~ Joyce Meyers
Please pray for the Gracies'
prosperity and success.
May they operate in divine overflow.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nature's Touch

Seasonal, Sustainable and Locally Grown:
  • Produce, Fresh Cut Herbs & Greens
  • Fruit
  • Dairy
  • Nuts & Grains
  • Wholesome Foods
  • Gourmet Grocery
Seasonal Plant Nursery Specializing in:
  • Certified Organic Heirloom Veggies
  • Certified Organic Herbs
  • California Natives
  • Antique Flowers
Only Locally Raised & Processed Beef, Lamb, Pork and Poultry
Edible, Native, Drought Tolerant Gardening Consulting Available

Nature's Touch Nursery & Harvest is a specialty plant nursery and local grocery store.  They only sell local within California, certified organic, and naturally grown produce.  The naturally grown produce has to be grown locally and comes with a soil analysis to guarantee that they are farmed with sustainable practices.  Everything that Nature's Touch puts on the shelves comes with research, quality, and the most that they can get for your dollar.  They also sell local beef, lamb, pork, chicken, eggs, cheese, milk, cream, yogurt, ice cream and breads.  They are an "all in season" produce store.  In California, we are blessed to have incredible fresh food all year long -- from berries in the early summer to the citrus and greens in the dead of winter.

Owner Melanie Blankenship (right)
and sister-in-law Theresa (left)

Melanie's story:  "Nature's Touch Nursery & Harvest was started in August of 2001.  It was started on a whim.  Before I opened, I had my wholesale plant nursery in production and was working for Windrose Farm selling plants and organic produce at our local farmers market.  I was also filling in for other farmers at market.  From Peter Bigsby (Hydroponic Produce),to Judy Schuke (Pear tree Farms and Gardens).  Before starting my wholesale plant nursery in 1998, I was the store and nursery manager at Sycamore Herb Farm in Paso Robles.  Throughout all my employment, I used my experiences and the courses I was taking to educate myself on sustaining a lifestyle I could create with my own means.

"The whim was because I had learned the importance of supporting and eating local foods, but was finding it hard to do so at our local farmer’s market.  With large scale corporate farms running the little hard working farms out of market, I was finding it hard to feed my family they way I had learned to.  At this time, sales started to decrease for my wholesale plant nursery.  So I started calling around to my customers and asked what I could do to gain the sales back and everyone told me that although my plants are of good quality, they could not sell the produce that my plants produced due to the lack of shelf life, people not knowing what our veggies or herbs were, or not knowing how important is to plant natives into their landscape.  So with this in my thoughts, I went out looking to see how I could possibly start a business to educate and to help keep my local growers growing and to help my community understand and have the accessibility to good local plants and food.

"Through this process, Nature’s Touch is keeping a majority of the farmers I set out to help in business. We have also helped start Gold Coast Meats and local meat chicken, and egg producer, Red Branch Nursery which was the wholesale part of Nature’s Touch.  Due to the store growing in popularity and the birth of my two children (Cody 5 & Savanah 2), I was finding it hard to keep up with the growing part of the nursery, so I handed it over to my brother and sister-in-law (J.R. and Teresa) to own and operate under the consult of Nature’s Touch.

"Nature's Touch believes in supporting local farmers, organic farmers, and the community.  We decided to put together a program similar to a CSA program.  The only difference is that we will not be growing the produce ourselves, but will be buying produce from local farmers and farmers throughout California.  There are three different baskets available for a weekly pick-up.  Each week, these baskets will have a list of all the farmers used, a different recipe, and in-season produce picked within the last 24 hours.  Here at Nature's Touch, we believe in eating the freshest food possible and the easiest way to do that is by supporting our local farmers.  With the baskets, the customer has the option to add meat, cheese, or other dairy products for an additional cost.  By committing to one or more months, there is a substantial savings on each of these options.  Please ask us about our special pricing.  There is also the option to postpone a week's pick-up or to pick up every other week.  Baskets are available for pick-up each Tuesday or Friday, after 11:30 am."

 Please visit their great facility,
a place where families and kids are welcome.

Meet their warm, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. 

You can also become a fan on Facebook and
listen to their radio show every Saturday morning at 10am on 920am KVEC or tune in at


One of many vendors at Nature's Touch

Lori Foster, Owner

Spice of Life Special Blends
Hand Crafted, Classic and Unique Blends
All Natural • No Preservatives • NO MSG

Please come in to Nature's Touch
and sample the spices!

From Lori:  "I hope that you will try my spices and blends for yourself.  Try them in your recipes that you use now and notice the difference.  You can use them in sauces, casseroles, gravies, marinades, dressings or sprinkle on meats, fish, pasta, salads, even sandwiches and popcorn.  The possibilities are endless.
"I hope that by using Spice Of Life spices and blends you will find a renewed inspiration and create mouthwatering meals for your friends and family to enjoy."


225 South Main Street
Templeton, California


·         Growing an Herbal Medicine Cabinet Garden
·         Growing & Producing Food with Nature
·         All about Greens
·         Get Your Garden Ready
·         Kitchen Talk Workshop
·         All about Herbs
·         Raising Poultry

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