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Oriana Sage works primarily in oil paint and ink drawings, with a desire to merge representational and abstracted imagery. She studied Art and Design at California Polytechnic Sate University and gained her BFA in Studio Art in 2014. 

Oriana currently teaches private drawing lessons to children and works out of a shared studio space at Atelier 708 in Paso Robles, California.

In the past year, God has grown a deep desire within Oriana to pursue art as a form of ministry and a way to create a personal window into the beauty of God's relationship with us. 

Oriana explaining her current work and mindset:
I strive to bring to life the inner workings of my soul, to visually articulate the struggle and triumph that rest beneath an assumed surface.  My paintings examine the close relationship of physical position and the spirit.

I am fascinated by interactions of light bursting through shadow, the two-dimensional emerging into living form, and color conveying depth of feeling and vitality. Some of my favorite conceptual themes are resistance and surrender, death as an avenue to life, and the small and mundane being a metaphor for the transcendent. My process brings together two realms: the seen and familiar and what is unseen, deeply internal and that which must be sought. Familiar portraiture collides with color, movement, and abstraction to reveal this relationship. The imagery of scars and thorns portray a very real struggle, yet the struggle has an opportunity to ascend, the scars grow over with soft skin, the thorns become crowned with gold.

Every image opens a small window to my own internal dialog. The rubbled mire and ache of the world converse with wonder. My deepest hunger and hope is for God Himself - hunger drives, hope ascends.

Please pray for the prosperity and success of Oriana Sage.

For more information, visit Oriana's website at

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