Monday, January 16, 2017

Extended Hope Ministries

Extended Hope Ministries was established in 2007 by Minister Bonnie Alvarado, whose passion is to see hurting individuals healed and restored. Upon receiving God into her life over twenty-five years ago and being set free from the devastation of her own abortions, she now works to help others break through the barriers that prevent them from experiencing true emotional, mental, and spiritual freedom. 

Extended Hope Ministries offers no-cost individual counseling to those who have been negatively impacted by abortion. In addition, their website ( serves as a helpful resource to those who've been wounded by abortion, as well as those who desire a greater understanding of its impact.


The subject of abortion can be very complicated, as there is often a broad spectrum of pain and brokenness associated with it. After an abortion, a woman is left to face herself, her sin, her failure, and the loss that she mourns and ultimately has responsibility for. Great pain can also be experienced by those who knew of or were a part of the abortion decision, or those who found out after the abortion.

Many of these hurting individuals suffer silently without realizing that forgiveness and restoration is possible for them. Although an abortion may never be forgotten, there is a healthy place of acceptance and wholeness that does exist. Extended Hope Ministries is here to help you find it.

EHM founder, Minister Bonnie Alvarado, has extensive knowledge and experience in post-abortion and healing ministry. She is a writer and speaker who shares candidly about her past and the deliverance God has done in her life. Her "straight-from-the-heart" style is a welcoming characteristic that makes her easy to connect with. In addition to post-abortion recovery, she also speaks on a variety of other subjects affecting both men and women today. To find out more about counseling or to have her speak at your event, you may contact her directly at (805) 538-0341.

"Abortion is not the finality of destiny." -- Bonnie Alvarado

She can be seen on the program Redemptive Power, which is aired weekly on The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network.

Please pray for the success and prosperity of
Minister Bonnie Alvarado
and Extended Hope Ministries.

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