Monday, March 7, 2011

The Wellness Kitchen

Nancy L. Walker, Certified Natural Chef specializing in therapeutic cooking and owner of The Wellness Kitchen in Templeton, California.

 Nancy is fulfilling her desire and passion to educate those faced with health challenges about the benefits of a healthy, natural, and organic approach to cooking, recovery, living, and life.  Ms. Walker has brought together body healing, education, nutritional and dietary support, and culinary art under one roof.  Experience the abundance and comfort at The Wellness Kitchen while you continue on your journey of empowerment and healing. 

A restored 1892 Victorian Manse provides the setting for Ms. Walker’s creation of a place where compassion, nutrition, and a sense of well-being come together.  The large veranda will welcome you and coax you to enjoy a soothing cup of nutritional mineral broth, healing teas, or just a glass of cool filtered water with lemon, all while you absorb the surrounding healing energy of the grand oak trees and gentle breezes.

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Education: The Wellness Kitchen, based in Templeton, California, features hands on therapeutic cooking and nutrition classes, lectures, and demonstrations led by health professionals, guest chefs, nutritionists, organic ranchers and farmers.  Topics include a wide variety of subject foods and preparations—ranging from low-sodium, dairy-free, or gluten-free cooking techniques to ingredients and combinations designed for specific conditions.  Lectures focus on subjects such as adrenal fatigue and digestive tract issues. “Foods can be more nurturing to the body and spirit when you are part of the process,” says Chef Nancy. “Our curriculums and classes will enlighten you and give you the tools for a more healthy approach to recovery and life.”

Healing Foods: The Wellness Kitchen offers pre-ordered prepared meals through the Healing Foods Program once a week for pick-up. Menus are based on both specific dietary needs and seasonal availability of the freshest organic ingredients available.

Massage and Body Therapy: The Wellness Kitchen offers a variety of massage therapy to help restore you to enhanced physical and mental health. The Wellness Kitchen’s “Yogalates” instructor can guide you through gentle movement and breathing techniques, helping you to increase your strength and aiding recovery.
Nutrition: Nutrition services can also be scheduled to address and help motivate your pressing health concerns or guide and support your holistic management and recovery from a serious condition by providing coaching along with personal health evaluations and customized menu planning

The Wellness Kitchen
311 Sixth Street
Templeton, California
phone: (805) 434-1800
fax: (805) 434-1885
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