Monday, March 21, 2011

Success Training Institute

Mr. Joshua Yamson is one of the most profound, intelligent, and aspiring people to hit the “success and motivational field” in recent years.  Mr. Yamson entered the  field of  Success Training and created the Success Training Institute. He has hosted many workshops and taught classes on the principles of success to high school and college students, the general population, as well as to companies and their staffs.  Joshua Yamson says, “When was the last time you had any success training? Most people have never had any, yet they are expected to be successful!”

Mr. Yamson offers a Success Training Course entitled Success Training For Success offered through the Success Training Institute. This is an 6-week step-by-step course on success planning, effective goal setting, and implementing success principles into your life. You will even learn how to become financially successful.

Read his new book:  Success Training For Smarties Handbook 2011

Mr. Yamson guarantees that anyone who attends any of his success training classes will never be the same. These are life changing events!

Mr. Yamson is available for motivational speaking and lectures for any event such as youth programs, business conferences, church conventions, high schools and colleges, employees and staff training.

Mr. Yamson doesn’t just give a good talk, he presents success principles that can change peoples lives instantly. They will never be the same after hearing him speak or attending any of his classes!

Mr. Yamson is also a Health Restore Consultant, Nutritional Therapist, and Diet Coach. As an Inflammation Reduction Therapist, he has the ability to remove chronic pains from the body naturally and many times instantly.

You can book Mr. Yamson by contacting Joshua Yamson Management at (317) 717-9384 or email


Joshua Yamson, Ray Tolbert, Michael Wingo

Joshua with basketball star (IU and LA Lakers), Ray Tolbert and business associate, Michael Wingo.
Joshua April & Joyce
Joshua Yamson with
April Morris (CEO Express Effects Cosmetics)
and Joyce Sholar (President Woman Of Honor).

We ask and encourage you to pray for Joshua Yamson's prosperity and success.  He has a passion for helping other people excel.


  1. One thing that I might add to this great article is that Joshua also leads a men's ministry called Sons of God. He also has a fantastic book entitled Sons of God Men's Training System which I highly recommend.

  2. Helping others succeed is a wonderful mission in life!


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