Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hope Blossoms

HOPE BLOSSOMS is a ministry that brings rearranged residual flowers to those 
who need hope.

Hi!  I'm Sarah-Kate!

After your event, are all your flowers dressed up with no place to go?  Want to give back to your community in a big way -- by doing nothing?

Don't let the beauty (and the cash you spent)
go to waste!
Give your residual flowers and arrangements a second life to make a difference!

HOPE BLOSSOMS is a ministry run by a mother of four young children who want to bring love, joy, and a little bit of sunshine and hope to local widows, widowers, the sick, and those in hospice care by gracing them with some flowers
and a smile.

The donated flowers are rearranged into bedside and table bouquet, and then delivered every week around the community.

They accept all flowers, bouquets, centerpieces, sprays, and arrangements from:
Church Services/Mass
Et cetera.

24-hour drop-off in town in Paso Robles, California
at 1908 Redwood Drive

(The receptacles are not required to be left with the flowers, but they are very welcome and always needed and put back to use.)

Call or email Sarah-Kate with any questions.

Pure religion is this:  to visit widows . . . .
(James 1:27)
A merry heart does good like a medicine.  (Proverbs 17:22)


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  1. Hello! Just a brief note of thanks and gratitude. My mom is presently a Hospice patient at Country Care Convalescent Hospital in Atascadero. I went in the other day to find beautiful flowers in tin cans for her roommates and three beautiful roses in a green glass bottle for my mom with your Hope Blossoms note on it. You really brought hope and joy to my day and many others as well. Thanks for your delightful flowers. May God bless you! :)


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