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Bill Boyer


Bill and LaVonne are both family-focused as well as ministry-focused. Bill is a man that rules his household well and is also making an impact around the world. So, enjoy these family pictures before we get into the abundance of ministries of the Boyers.

Sopheak & only daughter, Amy Kheng
Amy met Sopheak after serving 2+ years in Laos
as a missionary in northern Cambodia

1st grandson, Yeramiah

Playing drums, guitar, and then preaching at 2 years old!
1st granddaughter, Aleesya

1st son, Jonathan & Dori with Sooky

2nd son, David
Military Police, Army National Guard Reserve

2nd grandson, Trenton James Travis

3rd son, Daniel & Julie

3rd grandson, Logan James Boyer


Bill is serving as the Vice President of Bethel Bible College (Manila, Philippines), Director of Extension Ministries, Chair of Intercultural Studies Department, Advisor for Missions Major students.
LaVonne serves as the Advisor for the Foreign Students Fellowship and mentor/discipler/counselor for students.

Member of AGMF Executive Committee as Recording Secretary and missionary representative of the Southern Luzon/Palawan/Bicol Region.

Member of Missions Executive Committee for the Philippines General Council of the Assemblies of God (PGCAG).

Advisor for the Department of World Missions of the PGCAG.

Co-founder and board member of Teen Challenge Valenzuela (North Metro Manila) ministries.

Ministry Focus:

Our assignment is to do all we can to mobilize missions in the Philippines and any other location we are invited to help.

We are fulfilling this task primarily through teaching in colleges and seminaries throughout the Philippines; developing materials to promote missions awareness, including video seminars, brochures, and training materials; and helping to equip people who feel called to full time missions ministry.  We also provide training for District and National officers to help them better understand and promote global evangelism.
Areas of need:

*People of prayer who will join with us in ardent spiritual warfare.  Interested?  Please send me a note via e-mail: or send me a letter at either address below.

21 N Olive Ave                   P.O.Box 329
Alhambra, CA 91801         Greenhills 1502, Metro Manila

*Construction teams who will raise the funds needed for the projects (listed below) they wish to do.  Are you with the Assemblies of God?  Sign up by going to and click on “Going” button.

*Ministry teams who want to work in cooperation with Bethel Bible College, its students, and outreach ministries.  Church planting, pastoral training, feeding programs, etc.  Are you with the Assemblies of God?  Sign up by going to and click on “Going” button.

*Volunteers willing to raise their own support to assist us in coordinating ministry and construction teams as well as other ministry opportunities when there are no teams present.  Applicants must be willing to endure uncomfortable living conditions.  If interested, send me an email.  Are you with the Assemblies of God?  Sign up to be a Missionary Assistant at and click on “Going” button.

Funding opportunities:

Three books ($5k each)– The first one, A Promise Forgotten, is scheduled to be ready for printing in December 2011: An eye-opening investigation and practical explanation of the covenant God made with mankind.

The second, still in research stage, co-authored, Theology in an Asian Context.  There is yet no theological book written specifically (to my knowledge) aimed at this area of the world.

The third, near completion, could be ready for printing 2012: The Church Under Fire – a missiological look at the Holy Spirit in the book of Revelation.

Video training series, Bringing Missions Into Your Church. Six half hour segments: $25,000 to produce and package materials for distribution.

We need individuals and churches who will partner with us financially on a monthly basis.  As of this post, we need to raise an additional $2,500 in monthly commitments.

One-time giving.  We have need to raise $100,000:

                *Our work fund account is currently $32,000 in the red.
                    * Work projects (like putting a new roof on our house, installing energy efficient air conditioning and the installation of energy-saving windows) $20,000 (also described under Bethel Bible College projects below)

                * Publish a book for missions training, A Promise Forgotten, $5,000

                * Publication of other training materials on Missions for local churches, such as how to conduct a missions convention, how to help missionaries get to the field, policy manuals for national missions department and district level manuals that will help build a cohesive network for the deployment of Filipino missionaries around the world.

                * Building repairs for BBC and landscape upgrade projects

For safe online donations to the Boyers, go to, then press the “Giving” button.  The drop down window will let you select “To A Missionary.”  Then follow the steps provided. Thank you, and may God bless you for your generosity!

Bethel Bible College projects, Manila, Philippines

Roof and other (major) house repairs for our house located on the campus of Bethel Bible College - $15,000 (The roof is literally caving in and our ceiling is also.)

Three air conditioning units @ about $1,000 each.

There are several buildings in need of paint and repair.  Projects are available upon request ranging from $200 to $5,000. (Send requests to:

Staff housing is also in urgent need of repairs because of severe termite damage.  A plan is in progress to replace staff/faculty housing with upgraded, four-plex apartment buildings (four sets).  Keep in mind inflation rates, but currently the total project (all four apartment buildings) will cost about $100,000.

President’s house.   The president’s house needs to be relocated so that the area it now occupies may be used for other purposes.  $7,000

Covered Basketball court: $20,000

Chapel:  Our chapel is in need of expansion and upgrading.  No estimate has been made yet, but if you’re interested, contact us and we’ll get a ballpark figure to you and as soon as we can get a more accurate estimate, we will send that to you.

Library:  We are collecting books for Bethel Bible College as well as for some of the professors who teach there and cannot afford to purchase all the books they need.  Priority is given to the library – repeat titles are then offered to professors and other Bible colleges in the Philippines.  All instruction is done in English.

We also accept donations of DVD books, DVD training materials and, of course, cash.

Books may be shipped to our USA address.

The library is in serious need of renovations to preserve the books we have.  It is urgent that we receive donations to purchase and install air conditioning, build more shelving and upgrade the study area and computer lab.  We also need donations that will underwrite the cost of keeping the air conditioning units running.  The Philippines has the highest rates for electricity in the world.

Looking for a BIG project?

                *Consider a new library building for $2 million.

                *Multi-Purpose Gymnasium for $750,000 (includes showers and lockers for men and women, moveable seating and athletic equipment).

                *Scholarship Foundation - $1 million will get this started and help to provide much needed funds for qualified needy students.

                *Investment Foundation - $1 million helps to start this foundation which will help to underwrite some of the costs of running the BBC campus.

Maintenance building ($5,000) desperately needed as well as a backhoe ($20,000).

Scholarships:  Many students show up at our doorstep believing God will provide the funds needed for their education.  Your generosity will help provide the education they need and your gift keeps on giving because they in turn go out to teach and make disciples wherever in the world God calls them!  Donations may be made to Bank of America (California) Account, Checking Account Number: 08659-47342.  Routing numbers are: 121000358 (paper & electronic); 026009593 (wires) or you can mail a check to AGWM, 1445 N Boonville Ave., Springfield MO 65802-1894.  Make checks payable to AGWM and in the memo write:  Bethel Bible College-scholarship fund.

Teen Challenge:  We are in the process of setting up the first of five Teen Challenge ministry centers in metro-Manila, at the request of Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian (Valenzuela City).  We are in need of everything to equip a cafeteria, living room area, offices, windows and bed dressings, etc.  Financial donations may be made directly to Teen Challenge Valenzuela by going online to, then look for Teen Challenge Nor Cal Nevada.  You will find a “Donate Now” button on the home page.  For first time donors, you will be asked to sign up – this is for your protection.  Be sure to make mention this is for Teen Challenge Valenzuela (TCV), Philippines.

Thank you for your partnership,

Bill & LaVonne Boyer                                                             
21 N Olive Ave
Alhambra, CA 91801-3332
Phone: 559-709-3429

On Facebook, look for Bill Boyer, and you’ll find a lot of pictures posted of the BBC campus and the first Teen Challenge Valenzuela building, along with a bunch of other family stuff and other ministry related video clips.

You’ll also find a number of pictures of the buildings in need of repair.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the worst of the buildings posted before leaving the Philippines because our camera broke.

Please pray for the prosperity and success of Bill and LaVonne Boyer, their family, and all their ministry and mission projects.

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