Monday, May 23, 2011

Fox Direct Marketing, Inc.

Fox Direct Marketing Inc., is a U.S. based S-Corporation based in California. Their passion is to encourage, train and implement individuals and companies through relationships.  Their ministry and business focus is to serve God and bless people everywhere.
They are multi-faceted in their ministry, approach, and marketing. 
Timothy J Fox, President
with his wife, Valinda

FDM Ministries, Inc. specializes in offering personal prophetic counseling for individuals and companies needing more insight for their gifting, calling, and the future of their business, family, and effectiveness for the Kingdom of God. 

They market their unique print advertising directly to businesses throughout the United States.

They are planning many strategic prayer evangelism events, strategic outreaches for people suffering in poverty, and communicating the Great Commission to people involved in all spheres of our culture.

Mr. Fox has a passion for the Kingdom of God. He prays and seeks the face of God for the prophetic and the unveiling of visions. He is available for ministry and speaking/singing engagements.

TJF Voice, Inc. offers customized vocal talent for your film, radio, DVD, and historical voice work needed for professional events.

Fox Direct Marketing is associated with Redding Transformation.  The is a core group affiliated with Ed Silvoso, Founder and President of International Transformation Network.  For five years, Tim has been involved with Jon Thompson of Redding’s WER1 Transformation in worship teams to fill the community with worship at parks, street ministries, Walk for Life, Shasta County Fairs, Redding’s Fourth of July Celebrations, and Area Worship Nights. The heartbeat of transformation is the two banks and five paradigms taught and practiced by worldwide transformation implemented on six continents by Ed Silvoso. Shasta County is a beautiful area that needs transformation in all seven spheres of the culture (Church, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts and Entertainment, Business).  Acts 2:40-41 states how the Apostles taught their city daily how to implement the fifty commands of Christ to cause the effect of turning the world upside down. Jesus said, "Your Kingdom come; Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

PO Box 493381
Redding, CA  96049

Please pray for Tim and Valinda Fox.  Pray for their success and prosperity.  They need intercessors that will stand with them.  Believe that great things are coming their way.


  1. Praying for your multi-faceted success!

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