Monday, May 9, 2011


The Revival Center Prayer Tent

The Revival Center Prayer Tent

The Prayer Tent is sponsored by The Revival Center of Paso Robles. It is our desire to eventually make the Prayer Tent available at least five days a week throughout San Luis Obispo County.

The Revival Center Prayer Tent is making an impact on the city of Paso Robles. Each week on Thursday afternoons from one to four o'clock, the tent is pitched on the corner of 9th and Spring Streets. A special thanks to Melody Ranch Motel for allowing us to use their land to further the Kingdom. Please pray for Melody Ranch Motel as well.

The dynamic team of Bishop Gabriel Abdelaziz, Dottie Gracie, and Minister ReRe Taylor man the post and reach out touch lives.  This ministry is solely there to pray for those in need and offer hope to the hopeless and comfort to the broken hearted.

Minister ReRe (in light pink) praying and ministering in the tent.

Dottie Gracie speaking words of life.

Dottie and Minister ReRe dancing over the excitement of what has been taking place at The Revival Center Prayer Tent!

We have seen God save lives, heal bodies, and set free many that have been captive. We pray by faith and by the power of God. All of us at the Prayer Tent believe there is nothing God cannot do.  We believe that the prayer of faith can save the sick and the Lord can raise him up. We serve a sovereign God who is the ruler and the controller of the universe.

Please pray for the blessing and success of
The Revival Center Prayer Tent.

If the Prayer Tent can help and serve you,
please send your prayer requests to


  1. Great ministry--will continue praying for more lives changed!!

  2. May God bless Alpha Beth Ministry for the good work of restoration that they are doing.
    God bless
    Pastor Paul


  4. What a wonderful ministry. I will continue to pray for the success & prosperity of this awesome ministry. May God richly Bless you all.

  5. I always wait with anticipation for the great reports each week! Thank you to all of you for this ministry!

  6. :-)

    ReRe and Dottie, you make me smile!!!!


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