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Merciful Hearts Orphanage
in Kenya, Africa

Merciful Hearts' Vision :

The aim of this ministry is to bring in the orphaned and to teach
and train them to reach their destiny in life according to
the Word of God.

To provide an informed education geared towards
developing the child’s mental capabilities, his spiritual,
and physical growth.
To make it possible for them to enjoy living
and learning through playing.
To enable the child to build good habits for effective
living as an individual and a member of group.
To foster the spiritual and moral growth of child.
To develop the child’s imagination,
self reliance-thinking skills, and self-discipline and respect.
To provide medical treatment and accommodation
for the kids.
To have clean and safe water within the compound
for the kids.
To establish a training center and a school for
the local community and the children at the centre.
To have a clinic to serve as medical centre
for the community and the children at the centre.

Pastor Paul Kaburu is the founder of Merciful Hearts Orphanage.  He is is deeply concerned about child homelessness and vows to use his gifts to help eradicate it.  He is also a Pastor at Agape Christian Ministries in Kitale, Kenya.

Some words from Pastor Paul:

"Children are a blessing from God and important resource of national development, because when they become adults they will have productive positions in society.  It is therefore important to design programs and strategies that would ensure their survival, protection, and development.  We believe that every child should have a home and be educated.  Education is the major backbone of living in every nation. Kenya, like any other nations, depends on education to make life possible. This is very true, especially with the globalization of our economy.

"Over 10,000 children are without parents in the Matisi area in Kitale, Kenya, East Africa.  Many of them are dying of hunger, water related diseases, HIV/AIDS, and lack of shelter.  They are dying without any hope.  All children have the right to good education, food, shelter and clothing.  But in places like Matisi, the grinding of poverty often forces children into the streets and into child labor, rather than the classroom.  Currently there are about 6,000,000 children, ages 0-6 years in Kenya.  About 3,000,000 are of pre-school age.  Out of this figure, about 800,000 attend pre-school.  These pre- schools are found among urban and rural areas.

"AIDS has left many children orphaned and has made them hopeless without any form of living or getting an education.  Also as a result of current economic problems, most people are living below the poverty line.  These people cannot afford even the most basic of needs and education for their children."

Pray for the prosperity and success of
Pastor Paul and the work at
Merciful Hearts Childrens Home.
Just recently the orphanage was burglarized and they lost hundreds of dollars of equipment, but they are continuing on with the work.

They can use all types of help and support.

P.O BOX 2058 KITALE, 30200



  1. THANK YOU for taking care of God's children in Africa. It means a lot to us.

  2. What a wonderful example of Christian compassion for the hurting children of the world. May God continue to bless you in all of your efforts.

  3. Thanks Chick, we are only doing it by the Grace of God, and we are proud that God is using this ministry to give hope to the hopeless.
    We are also proud of Bishop Gabe for making this page available. please keep in touch, thanks.

  4. Princes, thank you very much for your commend, God is working miracles, please keep us in your prayers.

  5. "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Blessings upon you!

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  7. How does a history of abuse or neglect impact a child?
    This varies tremendously depending on the child’s situation and coping skills. Sometimes people say that children in foster care are “children of loss.” They have lost their birth families, their neighborhoods and schools, their toys and bikes and it makes the children worry that they can’t count on anyone again. These children need adults that they can learn to trust and that can expose them to things that they have not been able to do before such as after school sports, baking cookies or sleepovers with friends. All children have special talents and children in foster care may have not yet had opportunities to follow their interests.

  8. Merciful Hearts Childrens Home [ORPHANAGE]
    P.O BOX 20 58,30200.
    On behalf of the “ Board of Directors Management And Staff” of Merciful Hearts Children’s Home in East Africa, Kitale Kenya, I wish to express our deepest appreciation for the supports you have been providing to us. Truly, we have witnessed your great and wise comments, advise and support intending to make Merciful Hearts Children’s Home not just a good home but also a great Organization.
    2011 is the "Year of Destiny" and God is calling you to step out into this
    dream/vision He has given us for the orphaned and Destitute Children. Maybe you are an organization, church, company, individual or a group of people and would like to be a blessing to someone out there or you would like to bring a smile to one’s face. It Is God calling you to start being a blessing and bringing hope to the hopeless by giving the little that you have.

    As I have always said, you’ve given us an opportunity to illustrate our motto “ TO BRING HOPE TO THE HOPELESS”. As we grow together in trust, we have really enjoyed partnering with you! Through un-measurable goodwill and endless donations, the project has shown marvelous growth and development with sounding results, and all this is due to your esteemed support.You can make a difference By impacting the lives of orphans and vulnarable children and provide them with a bright future.

    We have the heart, the purpose and all the time needed for these dreams accomplishment!

  9. This ministry truly touched my heart. I pray all God's Blessings, Success and Prosperity for you.

    Children are the most wonderful Gift from God!!!

    Thank you Bishop Gabe for sharing this. Thank you Pastor Paul for your dedication and devotions to these beautiful children. My prayers are with you.

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  11. Thank you for your comment Rev. Dr. Robin


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