Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blanca Hansen, Hairdresser

Blanca Hansen was born in Guatemala and came to America in 1962.  She was raised a Catholic, but did not become a born-again Christian until 1982.  She has also become a U.S. citizen.  She has two awesome daughters who are happily married and living locally.  She has one granddaughter and five grandsons.

Blanca has been a hair dresser cosmetologist for forty-one years!  She is a specialist with a certificate in hair cutting, weaves, and perms.  She has a great deal of experience with color.  She says, "I love, love my work!"  Blanca is presently at Westside Beauty Salon, located at 2307 Theatre Drive #500 in Paso Robles (near Target).  The salon's telephone number is 805-237-8255, but you can reach Blanca directly at 805-286-2402.

She is running a special for Prosperous and Successful readers!

$25 for a shampoo, cut, blow-dry style, regularly $35
$47 for color on normal length hair, regularly $57
$37 for color on very short hair, regularly $47
$20 haircuts!

She will be running these special deals until June 2012.  Make sure you tell her that you read about her here on Prosperous and Successful and are praying for her prosperity and success!


  1. I will pray that you grow and succeed in what you love!!!

  2. May God give you the abundance that you cannot contain!

  3. I pray that your financial cup will be filled up to overflowing in light of God's goodness

  4. Thank you so much for featuring Blanca on Prosperous and Successful! I had my hair done by Blanca as a result of reading about her. She is a wonderful lady, and an excellent beautician! We had a glorious time of getting to know one another. I highly recommend her!


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