Monday, January 31, 2011


Merciful Hearts Orphanage
in Kenya, Africa

Merciful Hearts' Vision :

The aim of this ministry is to bring in the orphaned and to teach
and train them to reach their destiny in life according to
the Word of God.

To provide an informed education geared towards
developing the child’s mental capabilities, his spiritual,
and physical growth.
To make it possible for them to enjoy living
and learning through playing.
To enable the child to build good habits for effective
living as an individual and a member of group.
To foster the spiritual and moral growth of child.
To develop the child’s imagination,
self reliance-thinking skills, and self-discipline and respect.
To provide medical treatment and accommodation
for the kids.
To have clean and safe water within the compound
for the kids.
To establish a training center and a school for
the local community and the children at the centre.
To have a clinic to serve as medical centre
for the community and the children at the centre.

Pastor Paul Kaburu is the founder of Merciful Hearts Orphanage.  He is is deeply concerned about child homelessness and vows to use his gifts to help eradicate it.  He is also a Pastor at Agape Christian Ministries in Kitale, Kenya.

Some words from Pastor Paul:

"Children are a blessing from God and important resource of national development, because when they become adults they will have productive positions in society.  It is therefore important to design programs and strategies that would ensure their survival, protection, and development.  We believe that every child should have a home and be educated.  Education is the major backbone of living in every nation. Kenya, like any other nations, depends on education to make life possible. This is very true, especially with the globalization of our economy.

"Over 10,000 children are without parents in the Matisi area in Kitale, Kenya, East Africa.  Many of them are dying of hunger, water related diseases, HIV/AIDS, and lack of shelter.  They are dying without any hope.  All children have the right to good education, food, shelter and clothing.  But in places like Matisi, the grinding of poverty often forces children into the streets and into child labor, rather than the classroom.  Currently there are about 6,000,000 children, ages 0-6 years in Kenya.  About 3,000,000 are of pre-school age.  Out of this figure, about 800,000 attend pre-school.  These pre- schools are found among urban and rural areas.

"AIDS has left many children orphaned and has made them hopeless without any form of living or getting an education.  Also as a result of current economic problems, most people are living below the poverty line.  These people cannot afford even the most basic of needs and education for their children."

Pray for the prosperity and success of
Pastor Paul and the work at
Merciful Hearts Childrens Home.
Just recently the orphanage was burglarized and they lost hundreds of dollars of equipment, but they are continuing on with the work.

They can use all types of help and support.

P.O BOX 2058 KITALE, 30200


Monday, January 24, 2011

Anthony's Tire Store

(805) 237-0377
"The Bright Yellow Building on 30th & Spring
in Paso Robles, California"

Anthony's Tire Store is owned
and operated by Anthony Charnley.
With over twenty-five years experience,
Anthony offers:


Anthony bought The Tire Store in Paso Robles, California, after working for Tom and Dave for a few years.  Anthony's Tire Store was born on January 1, 2007.  Anthony, however, has been in the tire business for many years.  As a young man, he worked for Wayne's Tire and eventually moved to Dan's Economy Tire, where he was partners with Dan for ten years.  Anthony takes great pride in his business ethics and customer service.  With his varied distributors across the nation, he strives to get the very best deal possible for you.  And he stands behind all of his work. 

Anthony has built a business
of great integrity.
Please pray for Anthony's
continued success and the prosperity
of his business and his family.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tree of Life

This coming Sunday is "Sanctity of Human Life Sunday".  Since 1983, Americans have observed Sanctity of Human Life Sunday as a day to celebrate the intrinsic value of all human life.  This important day also provides an opportunity for pregnancy centers to share about the work they do to bring life-affirming resources to their communities and to empower women and men to choose life for their unborn children.  To this end, this week we are featuring Tree of Life in Atascadero, California.  We ask that you pray for their prosperity and success.     

Tree of Life is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) agency, offering compassion, hope and practical assistance to women and families on the Central Coast.  We are funded entirely through donations from individuals and churches.

Our services include: 
  • pregnancy tests
  • ultrasounds
  • peer counseling
  • options information
  • community referrals
  • adoption referrals

We also provide practical items such as:
  • diapers
  • baby clothes
  • maternity clothes
  • cribs
  • strollers
  • high chairs
  • other baby items

All services are FREE of charge
and completely confidential!

Needs Volunteers

PEER COUNSELORS – we will train you! 

NURSES – Volunteer Nurses administer pregnancy tests and provide pregnancy verification so clients can begin receiving pre-natal care.  Nurses also assist with ultrasounds, take client’s medical history, and administer annual TB tests for volunteers.

OFFICE HELP – Includes, but is not limited to:
          - Cleaning – bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors
          - Organizing donations of baby items
          - Folding letters and stuffing envelopes for bulk mailings
          - Computer assistance – Quickbooks, Excel, Word

SPECIALTIES – We can always use people who are willing to donate their expertise, especially in the following areas:  medical, legal, business administration, financial, and advertising.

PRAYER SUPPORT – People who are willing to commit to regularly praying for the needs and clients of Tree of Life.

San Luis Obispo Office:
Since we’re starting from scratch, we could use help in many ways!

Furniture – nice chairs, desks, tables, lamps
Help with initial set-upcleaning and organizing office
Peer Counselors
Office Workers
Prayer support
And, of course, we always need people who are willing to commit to making a monthly donation of any size.  Every bit helps!


7730 Morro Road, Suite 106
Atascadero, CA  93422

Monday, January 10, 2011

MotorGospel Ministries


We are praying for the prosperity and the success

of MotorGospel Ministries. 

Not just for Aaron Schwartzbart,

but for every driver and kid involved in racing.

The Fastest Pulpit In The West

At MOTORGOSPEL Ministries, the threefold mission is to love God, love their neighbors, and make a joyful noise with the John 3:16 car. Aaron Schwartzbart can be seen preaching and piloting the "Fastest Pulpit in the West" at racetracks throughout the United States. Together, Aaron and the LS1-powered Porsche have stood on the National Auto Sport Association championship podium five times, taking either second or third in their division every season from 2005 through 2009.


Aaron Schwartzbart

As a guy who should have been dead or in prison many times over for his street racing (before meeting Jesus in 1991), Aaron has a special place in his heart for speed freaks. His specific duties with MotorGospel range from chapel services to in-car driving instruction to hospital visitation. One of his goals is to see all street racing related fatalities eliminated from Southern California.  


Aaron and Tere Schwartzbart

May God always give him grace for the race
and may Christ always be seen in his face.

1) No Hidden Agenda  Aaron's controversial theology book challenges God's church to walk in sincerity, no matter what the cost.  It is theologically meaty, but aimed at the average guy in the pew.  It is virtually guaranteed to provoke thought and lively dialogue whether in the classroom, the cell group, or the coffee shop.

2) "Street Racer"  Aaron's scorching anti-street-racing rap single
produced by Conley Abrams formerly of Death Row Records.

3) Makin' some joyful noise.  See John 3:16 (the car) in action!

5) Shocking radio debut bringing the Gospel
to one of the most irreverent secular radio stations in Los Angeles.


Contact Information:

13691 Gavina Avenue, Unit 524
Sylmar, CA  91342

Phone: 818.620.7132
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