Monday, October 24, 2011


We are praying for the prosperity and the success

of MotorGospel Ministries.

Not just for Aaron Schwartzbart,

but for every driver and kid involved in racing.

The Fastest Pulpit In The West

At MOTORGOSPEL Ministries, the threefold mission is to love God, love their neighbors, and make a joyful noise with the John 3:16 car. Aaron Schwartzbart can be seen preaching and piloting the "Fastest Pulpit in the West" at racetracks throughout the United States. Together, Aaron and the LS1-powered Porsche have stood on the National Auto Sport Association championship podium five times, taking either second or third in their division every season from 2005 through 2009.

Aaron Schwartzbart

As a guy who should have been dead or in prison many times over for his street racing (before meeting Jesus in 1991), Aaron has a special place in his heart for speed freaks. His specific duties with MotorGospel range from chapel services to in-car driving instruction to hospital visitation. One of his goals is to see all street racing related fatalities eliminated from Southern California.

Aaron and Tere Schwartzbart

May God always give him grace for the race
and may Christ always be seen in his face.

1) No Hidden Agenda Aaron's controversial theology book challenges God's church to walk in sincerity, no matter what the cost. It is theologically meaty, but aimed at the average guy in the pew. It is virtually guaranteed to provoke thought and lively dialogue whether in the classroom, the cell group, or the coffee shop.

2) "Street Racer" Aaron's scorching anti-street-racing rap single
produced by Conley Abrams formerly of Death Row Records.

3) Makin' some joyful noise. See John 3:16 (the car) in action!

5) Shocking radio debut bringing the Gospel
to one of the most irreverent secular radio stations in Los Angeles.

Contact Information:

13691 Gavina Avenue, Unit 524
Sylmar, CA 91342

Phone: 818.620.7132

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