Monday, February 14, 2011


715 - 24th Street, Suite S
(805) 238-5017

Owners: Rick, Dottie, and Kevin Gracie

The Gracies are motivated and driven with the idea of debt-free living. Their mission in life is to see people get out of the bondage of debt.  Here is their story as told by Dottie:


In 1989, I believe God spoke to me in my spirit and led me to begin preparation to become a Certified Tax Preparer.  I really did not know the extent that I would use this direction, but I clearly heard,“DOTTIE, I WANT YOU TO BECOME A TAX PREPARER.”

My reply was, "Okay, God, I can do this."  I thought tax preparation was a good idea. I figured that if I learned to prepare taxes, my family and I would not have to depend on other people to do ours. As I studied and saw the need, I felt I was being directed to help other people. So in 1989, I started my business out of my home.

Business started to boom.  One day I found all these people in my home and on my porch crying for help. It was then that I realized I needed an office.  I saw so many people in deep, deep financial trouble.  They had gotten themselves in so many IRS messes and were in desperation and horrible financial straits.  In 1999, my son, Kevin said, "Mom, you need help!"  So, he took the tax preparation class and became a licensed preparer. 

This was the beginning of our family business and we opened up our current office in 2000.  In 2005, my husband, Rick, retired from the aerospace industry , became a tax preparer, and joined us!  I had never thought that we would be a family-run business, but God had a plan for us.  He has said, "Dottie, I am not done for there is more to come!"  We can definitely see that more is coming and that there is so much more to do!

We believe that God is actually owner and manager of the business, not us.  We just work under His direction.  We follow God's instructions and we run His business based on His principles of honesty and obedience to the laws.  We service our customers with care, fairness, and patience.  We are teaching our customers the laws of God regarding truthfulness.

God's business is about helping people in need.  Matthew 25:40 says, "When you did it to these my brothers, you were doing it to me!" 

If you, your family, or friends are in need of assistance with tax preparation or are having tax issues with either the IRS or the state, please contact us.  We will prepare your current taxes and we will look at your past issues.  With honesty and wisdom from God, we will try to resolve your issues.  Come see us.

"God wants to do great things in you and through you.  But you won't experience this without the willingness to take a few risks along the way.  It's time to take action and make your life count.  Are you ready to take the first step?"  ~ Joyce Meyers
Please pray for the Gracies'
prosperity and success.
May they operate in divine overflow.


  1. We LOVE the Gracies!!!!!!!! More than they know!!!!!!!! They do our taxes and we wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!! They are a blessing!!!! (in more ways than just taxes!)

    May God continue to bless you even more than you have blessed us!!!

  2. I wish I had the Gracies to do my taxes...they are AMAZING people. Many blessings!

  3. You won't find more considerate, kind, and honest people than the Gracies!


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